Samsung S27D390HS 27in Widescreen PLS LED Monitor 1920x1080 FHD 5ms 1000:1 HDMI VGA
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By: OO-Dragon 2014-11-01 17:42

Crisp display, Thin

Annoying menu appearance when turning on, lack of ports


Nice enough display, but lacking connections, as it only has VGA and HDMI. Also does not appear to have the ability to attach to 3rd part monitor stands, so if you have a multi monitor stands, this will NOT connect to it, there are no screw holes on the back. Also the stand has 0 ability to move around, such as pivot. If no connection is detected, as far as I can tell, the monitor never turns off... just keeps displaying no connection, which is a huge waste of power. When ever the monitor goes to sleep or what not, you wake it up and it displays all the menu's in the bottom right for awhile, which is also kinda annoying. Get over those things and its not a bad monitor, but if you need more options, look elsewhere.

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By: TBT223 2014-09-16 04:16

-nice large panel -pretty good stand overall -very thin

stand could use more functionality such as pivot 1080p at 28 inches inst that great in terms of PPI


Not the highest PPI panel you can get for 1080p but needed something bigger for my eyes

By: Menelaus 2014-09-08 10:23

Solid monitor. Big enough. Light enough. Bright enough.

Basic stand.


Bought this on special at $199 for my office, not for gaming. Easy to set up, of course. Knew the stand was basic but it seems sturdy enough, I don't need much movement. Pleased with the brightness and colour. Controls are odd, as you'll see if you read any professional reviews, take some getting used to with the touch sensitive nature and being placed above the descriptions on the bezel. First monitor has a fault, probably a capacitor, but NCIX exchanged it without issue and this second one has worked fine for the best part of a week (so still not very long but better than the first). If I needed to buy another 27" wide I'd certainly consider matching pair.