SingleBasket – for everything you need. :)

At SingleBasket our mission is simple: Simply direct. We offer consumers a massive selection from the largest collection of manufacturers in the world, with unmatched direct-to-consumer pricing. We aren't just a retailer, but a complex network of factories, logistics and relationships all here to deliver great products, backed by stellar service and support, at transparent prices.

Simple pricing.

Others claim direct-to-consumer pricing, but we deliver it. You'll notice that our prices are low. That's because we cut out many layers from the supply chain, shipping your orders mere kilometers from where goods are actually made. We only offer electronic support (to keep costs low) but we also make sure we mark up enough that you receive stellar and world-class service.

Quality and value.

While there are hundreds of other sites that will offer you low-priced goods, our product teams scour every category and factory that deliver on our 3 key values for every product we carry: quality, value and durability. There are hundreds of thousands of products in every category to choose from, we choose to sell the best.

Free shipping. Period.

No conditions or limits. Just free shipping to just about anywhere in the world, all the time. We don't promise you super fast shipping that gets expensive and might not arrive "on time", but we provide you with a nice simple promise and a timeframe that you'll receive your order by. Simple and predictable.

Our commitment to you.

We back this up with our simple, old fashioned commitment to the customer. We don't want to beg you for high ratings or reviews, we want to earn it. We just want to know if you love the products you bought from us, and if we delivered it well. If not, let us know and we'll make it right.